Student Loan Guidelines

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Friends of Southern Hills Educational Loan Program

The Friends of Southern Hills, at its sole discretion, may make educational loans to students working towards a master’s degree in Social Work which supports the functioning of Southern Hills Counseling Center (Center). For the most specific information on the Friends loans and potential loan forgiveness, refer to the Friends promissory note.


Southern Hills Counseling Center employees and other residents of the catchment area are eligible for to apply for these loans. Southern Hills employees will have priority in receiving loans. The earnings of the Friends' endowment will be available to make the loans. The grants will be limited to a maximum of 80% of the student's tuition during any given academic term—as established by the Southern Hills Executive Director. Tuition cannot exceed the current tuition for Indiana public institutions of higher learning for students taking a normal caseload.

Selection Committee

A committee composed of the Executive Director and Deputy Director of Southern Hills Counseling Center will select recipients for the loans.

Application Procedure

Applicants will apply for the loans in a manner prescribed by the Selection Committee. Selection of applicants will be based on the appropriate MSW degree with clinical specialties being sought, the applicant’s abilities, their potential to fill the needs of the service delivery for Southern Hills Counseling Center, and their job performance. Each applicant will be required to submit an educational plan at the time of their application and adhere to that education plan unless a revision is approved by the Southern Hills Executive Director.

You may download an application by clicking here. After filling out this form, you may email it to or mail it to Executive Assistant, Friends of Southern Hills, P.O. Box 769, Jasper, IN 47546.

Conditions of Loans

Loans are provided at the Friends sole discretion. Interest of 8% begins to accrue following the completion of the degree or if studies are discontinued. If the provision of an educational loan is approved for one semester’s classes, it does not guarantee approval of additional loans for subsequent semester classes. Individuals may be eligible to have a portion of their loan forgiven on a monthly basis after they have obtained their degree. To be eligible to receive some loan forgiveness, they must be employed by Southern Hills in a position that requires the master’s degree in social work which the loan supported. The formula for this forgiveness will be $350 a month for a full-time employee.

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