Annual Writing Contest

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Eligibility: All students in grades 6 through 12 attending school in Crawford, Dubois, Orange, Perry, or Spencer County are eligible to enter the 30th Annual Writing Contest sponsored by the Friends of Southern Hills and Southern Hills Counseling Center. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 will participate in the Middle School Division and students in grades 9 through 12 will compete in the High School Division.

Subject: During the past year, several environmental and natural disasters, such as flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes have occurred both within and on the coasts of the United States.

Write a story describing how one of these natural disasters affected a family and how the family handled the event. For example, describe the disaster, how the family was affected by it emotionally, how they felt about the problem, where they sought help, and what they learned. This story may be fictional or based upon real life situations.

Entry Format: Entries must be at least 400-600 typed words, but no more than 4 pages in length; handwritten copies will not be accepted. Each entry must be accompanied by an Application and Permission for Publication Form (see back of this page). The Form may be copied or additional Forms may be obtained from the school principal or teacher, or the local Southern Hills office. The Application and Permission for Publication Form must be completed and stapled to the entry. Student name goes on the application page, not on the pages of your paper.

2017-2018 Writing Contest

The 2017-18 Writing Contest is now closed. Many thanks to all of the students who entered.

Prizes: Winners will be announced in April, 2018. A $250 first place prize and a $125 second place prize will be awarded in each Division with $50 Honorable Mention Awards given for entries beyond 1st and 2nd place which merit recognition. Prizes will be awarded only if permission for publication is given by the winner’s parent or guardian (see the Application and Permission for Publication Form). The 1st and 2nd place entries will be posted on the Center’s web site. Additionally, if a teacher has one or more Honorable Mention Award winners, that teacher will receive a $25 check for their classroom. If they have 2nd place winners, they will receive $50 and if they have first place winners they will receive $100 for their classroom.

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