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Please note that this summary is intended to provide a quick overview of our fringe benefit program and is not to be considered a complete description of policies or procedures pertaining to these benefits. The center's approved Personnel Policies and the Insurance Master Policies provide further detail and serve as the official documents on which interpretation and application will be based.

Vacation Leave - Regular full-time employees (40 hours/week) are eligible for the following:

Part-time regular employees who work at least 30 hours each week receive 75% of the leave accrual earned by full time employees. Temporary and regular employees working less than 30 hours per week are not eligible for paid vacation leave. Vacation is accrued per pay period for employees that are paid for more than 50% of their regularly scheduled working hours, including holidays, in that pay period. This applies to newly hired employees and employees on unpaid leave of absence. The maximum vacation accrual which can be carried forward from one calendar year to the next is 340 hours. Employees who have in excess of 40 hours of accrued vacation leave, as of the final pay date in November of each year, may elect to receive cash payment for the excess hours. Any accrual amount above 360 hours shall be distributed. The excess vacation payment will be included with the employee's regular pay on the first pay date in December.

Holidays - The following days are paid holidays: New Year's Day; Good Friday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Day After Thanksgiving; Christmas Eve; Christmas Day; Personal Holiday.

Regular full-time employees will receive eight hours pay for each holiday. Regular employees who work from 30 to 39 hours per week will receive six hours pay per holiday. Temporary and regular employees working less than 30 hours per week are not eligible for paid holidays.

Sick Leave - Sick leave accrues for regular full-time employees at the rate of 3.7 hours per pay period and is posted to leave totals on the payroll date. Part-time regular employees who work from 30 to 39 hours per week will receive 2.77 hours of sick leave accrual per pay period. Temporary employees and regular employees working less than 30 hours per week are not eligible for paid sick leave. Maximum accrual is 528 hours (66 days). Accrued sick leave may be taken for hospitalization, injury, sickness, medical, vision, hearing, or dental appointments of the employee. Accrued sick leave may be taken for hospitalization, injury, sickness, medical, vision, hearing, or dental appointments of the employee's spouse or dependent children not to exceed 48 hours in any calendar year. Employees who have in excess of 240 hours of accrued sick leave, as of the final pay date in November of each year, may elect to receive cash payment for the excess hours. Any accrual amount above 528 hours shall be distributed. This payment will be added to the employee's regular pay on the first pay date in December.

Long-Term Disability - The Center provides group disability insurance to regular employees regularly scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week. Coverage begins the first day of employment. This coverage will be equal to 60% of the employee's salary limited to a maximum payable of $6,000 per month, subject to the terms and exceptions noted in the master policy. Insurance benefits begin 90 days after substantiated date of the occurrence, provided disability is continuous during waiting period, subject to the carrier's requirements for verification of eligibility.

Bereavement Leave - The leave is for a maximum of three days at normal pay for immediate family including husband, wife, (step-) father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, and legal dependents as defined under the IRS guidelines. Bereavement leave of three days will also be granted for the death of (step-) grandparents or grandchildren, and for (in-laws) father, mother, sister, brother, son, and daughter. Bereavement leave shall be paid for the number of hours the employee would normally be scheduled to work for that day. Eligible bereavement leave shall be available within the 3 days prior to the death and 3 days after the funeral.

Other Leaves of Absence - Requests for other leave of absence with pay must be approved by the immediate supervisor and the Executive Director. The following types of leave may be with pay: Jury Duty and Court Appearance Leave (related to Center business), and Military Training Leave. A leave of absence without pay may be granted to an employee when it is recommended by the employee's supervisor and approved by the Division Director and the Executive Director. A leave of absence (14 days or less) without pay may be granted for reasonable cause and provided arrangements can be made for a temporary replacement. The Center's Personnel Policies Manual provides more details on leaves of absence.

Family/Medical Leave - Requests for maternity or medical disability leave shall be handled in accordance with standards established by the Family/Medical Leave Act. Accrued sick and/or vacation leave shall be used before requesting leave without pay. A request for FMLA-eligible Leave without Pay shall be submitted to the Executive Director when all leave time is exhausted and additional time off is needed to provide a maximum leave period of 12 weeks (including both paid and unpaid leave) within a specified 12-month period. Written physician statements are required to authorize the need for the leave and to certify when the employee is able to return to work.

Health Insurance - Currently the Center has a group policy with Key Benefits Administrators of Indianapolis, to provide health/hospitalization insurance to eligible employees. The Center will pay 80% of the premium for single coverage and 50% of the premium for dependent coverage for regular full-time employees. Temporary employees and those working less than 30 hours per week are not eligible to participate. Employees shall give a written decision regarding their election for coverage within 30 days from their date of employment or other qualifying event. Any changes to coverage elections are subject to regulations established by HIPPA and Section 125. The employee's portion of the premium will be deducted from his/her payroll in the month of the period covered. Coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month following the date of employment. Coverage ends on the last day of the month in which a termination is effective. The plan contains cost containment provisions, including pre-authorization requirements for non-emergency hospital admissions and other selected services. There is a $500 penalty for failure to comply. Terminating employees may elect to continue medical benefits under the group plan by electing COBRA coverage and paying the specified premium. Included as part of the group plan, is a pharmacy program for both short-term and maintenance prescriptions (employees are responsible for a co-payment). Refer to information on Section 125 Plan on page four regarding tax-savings on the health and dental premiums paid through payroll reductions.

Dental Insurance - The Center has a dental insurance plan with Health Resources, Inc. of Evansville, IN. The Center will pay the full cost of dental coverage for regular, full-time employees; employees earning 75% benefits must pay 25% of the dental premium if they elect this coverage. Enrolled employees may elect dependent coverage at their own expense. The plan has an approved listing of dental care providers for reimbursement of covered services. A schedule of covered services will be provided each employee; there is a maximum annual benefit of $1,200 per person, regardless of family size, per contract year. Cost of dependent coverage will be deducted from the employee's pay concurrent with the period of coverage. Eligible employees will be covered as of the first of the month following employment. Changes in the coverage elected may be made only at the beginning of a new plan year or when there is either a family or employment status change which constitutes a qualifying event. Continuation through COBRA is available to terminating employees at their expense.

Section 125 - Employees who pay a portion of their health and dental premiums through payroll deductions, by authorizing these amounts as pre-tax dollars under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, will realize tax-savings on these amounts. The plan year begins on January 1, of each year. Options to change health and dental coverage during a plan year are governed by the Internal Revenue Code. This plan is administered by Key Benefit Administrators, Inc.

Life Insurance - The Center maintains a group term life insurance policy with Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company that includes accidental death and dismemberment, and provides basic life insurance coverage equal to two times the employee's annual salary rounded to the next highest $1,000 plus another $20,000. Accidental death doubles the basic life benefit. The premium is paid by the Center. Coverage is effective from the first day of employment. Regular employees working a minimum of 30 hours per week are eligible. Conversion privileges are available through Reliance to terminating employees. Costs are determined by Reliance based on their conversion plan options and specific rate schedules.

Retirement Program - Regular employees 18 years of age who worked in at least 3 years of the immediately preceding 5 years, as of the plan's July 1, 1992 effective date or as of each succeeding January 1st are eligible to participate in the Center's SEP program. The Center will contribute an amount equal to 7% of the employee's compensation to a SEP-IRA with either Edward Jones' American Funds Investments or Mutual of America. The Human Resources Coordinator maintains information on the options available to employees with either investment company.

TDA (403-b) Savings Plans – All employees may sign a voluntary salary reduction agreement to establish or maintain one Tax Deferred Annuity plan with Mutual of America. This election may be made at any time following employment. It is the employee's responsibility to manage the account and assure that deposits are consistent with IRS regulations.

Dubois-Pike Federal Credit Union – All Employees are eligible for membership in the Credit Union and may make deposits and/or payments through payroll deductions. Modifications in payroll deductions are permitted throughout the year except in the month of January. There is no membership fee.

Worker's Compensation - Under the Workmen's Compensation Act, Southern Hills carries insurance covering each employee that is injured in the course of his employment, or who contracts an occupational disease. All injuries shall be reported immediately to the personnel office.

Annual Anniversary Award - Effective July, 2011, staff members will receive an anniversary payment equal to $25 for each year of service (as a regular or contracted employee) up to a maximum payment of $375 per year. This award will be direct deposited into the staff member’s bank account. The award will be a separate pay occurring during the month in which the anniversary occurs. In addition the Center pays the FICA tax on this award.

Civic Dues Reimbursement - The Center will reimburse staff members for membership dues to non-partisan, non-sectarian civic clubs up to $100 per fiscal year. To request reimbursement, the staff member must submit a request memo with a receipt for the club dues or a canceled check.

Annual Flu Shots - Each year during the month of November, the Center will provide staff with an option to receive a flu shot at Center expense.

Malpractice Insurance - Malpractice insurance is carried by the Center which protects it from actions of employees. This policy also covers officers, directors, board members, volunteers, and employees while acting within the scope of their employment. Professional personnel are encouraged to carry malpractice insurance for their own protection. The cost of such insurance will be the employee's responsibility.

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