Medical Services

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Here is some useful information about our medical services at Southern Hills.

You will be seen for evaluation and follow up by either:

What to Expect at Southern Hills

Our medical services are unlike those provided by your primary care (family) physician and our prescribers will not be prescribing medication for your non-psychiatric medical conditions. If you have not already done so, please see our front desk staff about signing a release of information to your primary care physician so that we can send him/her copies of our medical progress notes to prevent any adverse medication interactions.

Nurses’ Services at Southern Hills

We have nurses who work with our prescribers, just as in any doctor’s office. Since the nurse’s service is essential to quality care, it is included in our medical service program. If you receive your prescription from one of Southern Hills’ providers, you will also receive services from one of our nurses.

Billing at Southern Hills

Our services are billed differently than other medical services primarily because Behavioral Health follows different rules and guidelines as set out by Medicaid, Medicare and other insurance companies. In most doctors’ offices, they are able to bill for the nurses’ time under the office visit and the charges for office visits are usually considerably more than our charge. Because of billing rules outside our control, we cannot roll the nurses’ services into the office visit. As a consequence, we must bill separately for our nurses’ activities when they facilitate a refill, help educate you on your condition or medication, or assist our prescribers with lab reports. Your insurance company may not pay for the nurse’s service. If you do not have Medicaid, this service may be billed to you and we realize that you aren’t used to seeing this type of bills from your primary care physicians.

Personal Responsibility Statement

If you do not have Medicaid, you will be asked to sign a Personal Responsibility Statement that you recognize you will be billed for these services. If you choose not to sign the Personal Responsibility Statement, you may not receive your prescriptions from Southern Hills’ prescribers. In this case, please give us the name and address of your physician or nurse practitioner so that we can forward your record to them and you can work with them on your prescriptions.

Financial Hardship

As we have always done, Southern Hills’ staff will work with you to ensure that we assist you in every way possible. If any of our fees presents a financial hardship to you, then depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a balance reduction. Please see your case manager or the office supervisor to assist with this process.

Please feel free to contact any of our offices for more information.

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