Substance Treatment and Court-Referred Services

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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services

1. Evaluations

Southern Hills provides substance abuse services to adolescents, adults, and seniors. Services are provided to clients based on an individual treatment plan, which is developed in conjunction with the client after a thorough assessment. When a client presents for treatment, he/she is interviewed by a therapist who completes an evaluative interview, initial assessment, substance use history and medical information summary.Upon completion of the evaluation, recommended services and goals are discussed with the client.

2. Individual/Family Psychotherapy

The general focus and goals of individual and family therapy sessions are to reduce or alleviate the participant’s symptoms, to return the participant to baseline or improve the level of functioning, and to prevent relapse. The focus of outpatient therapy is solution-oriented and must include a clear diagnosis, measurable treatment goals and discharge criteria.

3. Minor Offender Program

This group is a 6 session psycho-educational group program. Admission criteria are ages 14 to 17 with substance abuse concerns, mainly after receiving a first or second minor consumption charge. Group topics include:

4. Substance Abuse Program I (Educational)

This program includes an evaluation, six group sessions and an individual post-session. Itis a 6 session psycho-educational group program. Admission criteria are adults who have received a first offense substance-related charge, mainly OWI, DUI, DWI charges. Referrals can come from any source but mainly from the court systems. Each case will be staffed for appropriateness.The curriculum has been developed to examine the following:

5. Substance Usage Treatment Group

This substance treatment group is an open ended program using the Matrix Model which provides a structured treatment experience for clients with various substance disorders. Admission criteria are adults 18 and over with substance concerns. Referrals can come from any source. Each case will be staffed for appropriateness.

Clients are encouraged to meet with a therapist for individual and/or family treatment services in conjunction with group attendance.

Group goal is to maintain abstinence while developing short- and long-term relapse prevention plans focused towards ongoing sobriety.

Group members are also recommended and encouraged to attend community support group meetings, such as AA and NA.

Anger Management Treatment Services

The Anger Management Program involves a set of sessions that are focused on assisting the client in gaining an understanding of power and control verses equality in relationships. This program also assists members in identifying and addressing the aspects of the various anger styles that impact a person's daily relationships. Group participants are introduced to the concept of equality and how power and control affects that equality in relationships using the Duluth Model of identifying areas of power and control versus equality in one’s daily life. Techniques at managing anger more effectively and appropriately are also the focus of sessions utilizing Kaplan’s Anger Management Model. This anger management model addresses the following areas:

An evaluation must be completed before attending the group sessions. The program then involves 12 group sessions that are scheduled every other week. The majority of the group members are court referrals but the group is not limited to court referrals. These referrals are typically the result of a person receiving a battery charge or a domestic violence charge and agreeing to complete the program in a plea agreement. Each session for the program costs $40. A court order must be included.

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