Getting Help at Southern Hills

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Southern Hills Counseling Center is your community mental health center. We offer a wide variety of services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. When you call Southern Hills or visit any one of our offices, you’ll talk to a professional who’s ready to help you make your life work better!

Admission Process

Prior to your meeting with one of our clinicians, you will spend some time with our administrative staff in order to complete paperwork requirements. Our helpful staff will provide you with information regarding the services you may receive, service fees and billing processes, and your rights as a client as well as your responsibilities. You will also complete a Client Self-Assessment that will provide your clinician with important information that will start services on the right track and help you choose the services that best meet your needs.

It is very important that you bring your insurance cards, social security number, and proof of household income to your first appointment because they will help us determine your ability to pay and your eligibility for discounted fees (see Paying For Services below).

Client Rights & Responsibilities

HIPAA Privacy Statement

Your First Service

After taking care of the business related items, you will see your therapist, who will complete a comprehensive assessment of your current problems and concerns. The therapist will help you develop a treatment plan by identifying goals and objectives. You may be referred to other services once you have developed a treatment plan. Our therapists are trained to help with many different problems including, but not limited to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, anger management, behavioral issues, psychosis, family and marital problems, and trauma issues. Each individual’s needs are different and your therapist will help you come up with a plan that will best meet your specific needs.

Paying for Services

At Southern Hills, we provide the services you need regardless of your ability to pay for our services. Your ability to pay depends upon your household income, your dependents, and your insurance coverage. It is important that you have a clear understanding of your responsibility for payment of your service fees. If you have questions or concerns about the cost of your care, please discuss them with our staff.

Southern Hills will bill your insurance and other third party payers if your services are covered and you are responsible for any balance not covered. As insurance coverage or cards change, you are responsible for bringing updated insurance information and/or cards to Southern Hills so that our records may be updated accordingly.

Payment Agreement Plan

Discounted Fees

Southern Hills provides assistance with Medicaid, HIP, and Federal/State marketplace insurance applications through a certified Navigator for people who have no third party payers. Those who are determined by our Navigator to be ineligible for affordable insurance and who provide verification of household income at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines are eligible for discounted fees. If you feel you are financially unable to pay all of your Southern Hills service charges at the time of service, you may complete an application for a Payment Agreement Plan, which, if approved, will allow you to pay your Southern Hills charges over an extended period of time. If you have been making regular payments on your Southern Hills service charges and you feel that your financial situation will not allow you to pay your balance in full, you may request assistance in completing a Balance Reduction Application form. The application will be reviewed and, if approved, may reduce some of your Southern Hills charges that you have already incurred.

Balance Reduction Application

Income Expense Verification

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